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Scooter accessories, batteries and lifts.
All of our scooters that we rent are also for sale. Sales and rentals include FREE DELIVERY
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We do not deliver scooters to Busch Gardens (BG), however, there is an extremely high probability that you will get one from BG, regardless of what they are, or what their website, is telling you. Their reservation system is broken. If you go to the park and get there early, within 90 minutes or so of opening, you should have no problem renting a scooter from them. We do not rent our scooters for one day Busch Gardens use because if you were to have a mechanical issue with our scooter, we would not be able to help you. We have no access to the park. We believe it would be unfair of us to put our customers in a position like that. So get out there early, rent a scooter from BG, and have a wonderful day with your kids and grandkids..!

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